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Pave Diamond

The French term pavé means "pavement." Pavé is a ring setting term that refers to how the diamonds are put in the ring. When viewing a ring with a pavé setting, you'll see a line - or pavement - of continuous glitter created by multiple small diamonds firmly placed together. The term Pave Diamonds does not refer to diamonds, but the setting of the ring. At Kamal Trading Company, we make and sell jewelry manufacturing findings at Kamal Trading Company. We are the best company manufacturing jewelry making findings. Swarovski crystals, bezel jewels, chains, jewelry manufacturing components, and accessories are all produced, sold, and exported by us. Whether you are a professional jewelry designer or a jewelry enthusiast, we are the right place for you. Are you trying to locate the best site to buy jewelry findings? If that's the case, we're the place to be! Please contact us right away.