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Gold is the most malleable of all metals, making it the perfect material for beautiful jewelry. Gold is the main component of 14K gold chains USA, which also includes durable metals like zinc, nickel, and copper as well as rhodium coating. Due to the delicate nature of pure gold, alloy metals help to reinforce the composition. In contrast to 18 Karat, which contains 75% gold, 14 Karat particularly refers to the metal mixture that contains 58.3 percent gold. It is the metal that is most frequently used for special occasions, but it is now accessible in a wide range of color schemes.

14K Gold chains are a type of jewelry that's been used for centuries around the world as a sign of affluence and wealth. They come in many different styles, with links (small pieces) alternating between oval, round, and rope-like shapes.Cable, fancy, rope, textured, and many other variations are among those that Kamal Trading Company offers in.

A delicate yellow hue gives 14K gold chains a soft brilliance and sheen. In addition to enhancing your attractiveness, such chains are prized for its financial value. Their distinctive ability to be tarnish and corrosion resistant makes it a wealth-accumulating asset. You look stunning and classy as a result.


Kamal Trading Company is a manufacturer and distributor of jewelry findings. We make jewelry findings for jewelry store owners and designers who use these quality-intensive components to create beautiful jewelry. Wholesale 14K gold chains for jewelry making can be purchased from our website. You can even reach out to us at to know more!