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Swarvoski Pearls

"My dream is to adorn the neck of all women around the world with pearls.” – Kokichi Mikimoto. Cleopatra they say dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love for Marc Antony. Swarovski pearl beads as they call it, adorn your collection of pearls. More durable and easy to manage than original pearls. The lustrous surface is arrived by a layer of Nacre to the crystal-based beads. They are imitation pearls but unlike others, they can be washed, are not susceptible to any damage by perfumes or perspiration, and are also resistant to scratches. Round, rice, coin are the shapes you choose from and choose from basic Colors like cream to Elegant and royal Colors like Elderberry, Mulberry Pink Rosaline, Mystic Black, and many more. Realism at an affordable price with durability and class with luster is the best feature of a Swarovski Pearl. The color, feel and elegance of it would leave you wanting to choose from its wide range available online with us. Enhance your fashion statement and Style quotient with a Swarovski Pearl. From a string to an earring to a ring it could enhance the grace of any imaginable piece of artistic jewelry.