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Swarovski Flatbacks

As the name suggests, they are multiple facet cuts in front with smooth Flatbacks. Want to Add Crystals to your Jewellery Portfolio, Flatbacks could be the way to begin. Flatbacks are crystal pieces that are backed by Platinum fillings to give it elegance and support. The colors, the cuts, the sizes, and the styles they come in will leave you flabbergasted. From various soft colors of Rose to shapes of emerald they are Owners Pride Neighbour's Awe. Swarovski Flatbacks can be used in dance costumes, nails, and various accessories. At Kamal trading, we are wholesalers of Swarovski Flatbacks online. Flatbacks Non-Hotfix Round to Pentagon, choose your shape and get nostalgic color options like Blue Zircon, Burgundy, Citrine, Dark grey, Dark Red, and many more. Choose from a whole range of assortments of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.