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Gold Filled Post Earrings

Post earrings have a straight post that goes through the ear. Along with that, they have a removable backing that goes over the post and holds it in place at the back of the ear. Hook earrings, on the other hand, are thin wires that go through the ear but usually do not have a backing. Post earrings are the type of earring that is worn when getting the ears pierced for the first time because they are simple and go straight through the earlobe, allowing the new hole to heal properly. Remember your first piercing and the very first pair of earrings you wore? Exactly what we are talking about - the thin wired post earrings. They come in different metals - gold post warung, gold plated post earrings, gold filled findings post earrings, silver post earrings, silver plated post earrings, and many more. At Kamal Trading Company, we have the best quality post earrings available. Contact us right away to place your order!