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Copper findings are very durable. However, they are also relatively heavy in weight. Oftentimes, people use copper findings as accents or small pieces on necklaces and bracelets where a large amount of material is used.

There are many reasons why copper findings are popular with so many jewelry designers and jewelry store owners. Quite simply, they are easy to work with and create jewelry designs and very malleable. Copper is also very affordable and can be cost-effective if you are looking for a bulk package. This makes it a great material for those of you who like to create your own jewelry - and custom pieces in particular.

In addition, copper findings come in many different shapes and sizes which creates an opportunity to experiment with your own designs. Copper findings are also naturally antibacterial. Since it is such a soft material, this makes it easy to clean and disinfect as well.

Copper clasps, jump rings, and pendants are examples of copper findings. By making these products available to you at a competitive price, our online platform ensures that you don't miss the opportunity to purchase them.