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Plated Brass Chains


Plated Brass Chain is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional brass chain jewelry. Such a chain features a hammered surface with a platina-like finish and is manufactured using around 1/6 the amount of dopant that traditional plated jewelry requires. In addition, it is not only 95% recyclable, but also preforms 24-carat gold plating, making it one of the most eco-friendly pieces on the market today.

Brass is simple to utilize since it can be shaped and twisted with ease. As long as you have them, brass chains continue to look attractive and don't truly go out of style, giving it an evergreen quality. When an object is plated with brass, it undergoes a process in which the base metal is completely covered by a layer of shiny, durable brass. Plated chains are typically made from stainless steel or plated with metals like nickel, silver or gold. This offers metal jewelry a hard and durable alternative to traditional precious metals.

Plated brass chains have many advantages over traditional metal jewelry materials. Brass is a very hard metal, which means that it can better withstand the stresses and strains of normal wear and tear. Also, brass has an attractive gold-like color that instantly adds style to any type of piece.

You can choose from a variety of plated brass chains from Kamal Trading. The majority of our brass chains with plating include coatings to prevent tarnishing. Purchase these plated brass chains from us for a fair price. Contact us at to place an order!